MijoShop Translation

How to join Store Manager for MijoShop translation project

MijoShop Translation

Contribute to the translation of Store Manager for MijoShop!

If your language is not supported by our program you can take part in its translation and receive Primary License for free as the author of the best translation version!

You can also become our constant interpreter and help us with the translation of future versions of Store Manager for MijoShop. In this case you will receive a free update service for 3 or 6 months, depending on the option you choose (1 time translation, 2-3 translations per quarter). If you follow up with updates in the language files you will be able to receive our update service for unlimited period of time.

Terms of Translation

In order to get a license of Store Manager free of charge, the person has to translate 100% of the amount of original text into the selected language.

Translation is not complete until it is validated. It takes 1-2 weeks to check and approve it. Translator can request a free license or shopping points to purchase the program only after the verification.

The free license will be provided to the translator only after the review and approval of translation he has made by the Project Manager of eMagicOne company.

If the translation was approved, the translator would receive the reward – free license of Store Manager, which was translated by that customer will be created.

In case of the situation, when the translator was unable to make the complete translation of Store Manager into the chosen language, he can get a discount on the % that the translation was made. The % of discount depends on the percentage of translation that was made by the user.

If the user has translated the program on 80% – he will get 80% of the cost of the program in shopping points.

If the amount of shopping points the customer earned via translation project is not enough for purchasing the necessary for him license, he can pay the lacking amount of money.

3 Simple Steps to Contribute to the Translation of Store Manager for MijoShop

Step 1

Visit: crowdin.net/project/mijoshop-store-manager/invite Register your account at Crowdin.net and choose the necessary project. In your case it would be Store Manager for MijoShop. To get more detailed information on how it works read our Translation Guide.

Step 2

When you are done with the translation please contact us.

Step 3

We will check it and let you know as soon as possible. After the verification your translation version will be available for download at Crowdin pages.

Note: Store Manager for MijoShop works with UTF-8 charset, what allows you to translate the program in your native language.

Please note that these percentages are not updated live. If you want to see Store Manager in other languages than these, please just let us know.

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