What is Store Manager for MijoShop

Store Manager for MijoShop – a unique cutting-edge solution designed to simplify and automate routine day-to-day operations over online store. With this easy-to-use application you get an opportunity to quickly and efficiently manage your products, categories, manufacturers, customers, product options, orders and more. Work the way you want and make new things possible.

Discover Store Manager for MijoShop Key Features

  • Product Management

    • Create, edit, delete
    • Automatically upload product images
    • Assign multiple categories to product(s) at once
  • Customers, Groups Management

    • Add, edit, delete customers and Customers Groups and their data
    • Track customers’ orders
    • Filter customers by time period or ordered products
    • Save customers as XLS, XML, HTML, TXT file
  • Order Management

    • Create, and massively modify or remove MijoShop orders;
    • Mass invoice generating;
    • Order filtering by time and status;
    • Order export to XLS, XML, HTML, TXT, CSV files;
    • Export to QuickBooks via QuickBooks Integration addon (ordered separately);
    • Order creation with POS (Point of Sale) and barcode scanner;
  • Multi Editor

    • Change prices of multiple products at once
    • Modify products quantity, statuses for a great amount of products at once
  • Import/Export Wizard

    • Export products into CSV file
    • Import products, categories into your MijoShop store from CSV, XLS, XLSX, XML, TXT
  • Tools

    • Easily manage multiple stores switching between different databases right within Store Manager with Quick connection switch option
  • Reports

    • Nearly 9 built-in reports covering sales, inventory and customer data
    • Easily create, modify, your own reports


System requirements

For WindowsFor MacFor Linux
  • MijoShop – Joomla Shopping Cart (v.3.0.x – 3.1.1)
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit / Windows 8 32/64 bit / Windows 7 / Vista / Server 2008 / Server 2003 / Windows Me / Windows XP
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 1024×768 screen resolution and higher
  • Internet connection

Please note that this does reduce the performance of the Store Manager software.

if you want to run Windows and Mac applications at the same time, without rebooting, you can install Windows using VMware or Parallels software.

For Linux users we recommend VirtualBox and Windows installation; you can get more information at www.virtualbox.org. Please note that this does reduce the performance of the Store Manager software.

Store Manager Addons

What is Store Manager addon and how does it work? Addons were designed to automate and improve typical tasks/operations made by store owners or managers. All addons are working in DEMO mode by default. In order to unlock the functionality you have to purchase appropriate license and to register an extension.

Store Manager Primary or Additional License. Which one should you order?

MijoShop Store Manager Bundle, save 36$
Free Update Service for 6 months

Important Note: You can not use additional license without having at least one primary license under the same license account. When purchasing additional license you must use the same email address that you used to order primary license, otherwise the additional license will not work.

If you would like to reinstall application and move your license, you need to reset your license key

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